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Sanshodhan: An E-Waste Exchange

Regulated e-waste recycling for everyone

The ‘Sanshodan: e-Waste Exchange’ (EWX) is a start-up co-created in Hyderabad, India by the regional Telangana government and an NGO — The Global Institute for Circular Economy and SDGs. Together, they built an online platform allowing anyone to sell their used electric devices online, and have these picked up and delivered to authorised recyclers. It addresses a critical environmental problem: In India, more than 90% of electronic or electrical waste is improperly disposed of, releasing large amounts of CO₂ and toxic pollutants.


Preventing waste with awareness

The NGO developed EWX’s circular model for upcycling and recycling electronics, while the state introduced policy aimed at helping citizens and original equipment manufacturers to directly channel their e-waste to authorised, competent recyclers. Today, Sanshodan also provides training and advisory services, and, with the government, has completed an awareness and education programme reaching a population larger than that of the EU.


Scaling to Abu Dhabi and Austria

EWX shows how cities can combine analogue infrastructure with new digital solutions —  and now aims to deploy its citizen platform in 20 Indian cities and its circular economy model to 15 companies by 2020. They will also start in Austria this year and have joined a scaling program in Abu Dhabi.


  • State Government of Telangana (Local government)

  • Global Institute for Circular Economy and SDGs (NGO)


Hyderabad, India

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