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Peru’s certificate for stopping food waste

Peru is a country that is mad about great food, and its top chefs are absolute celebrities. Making people aware that food waste is a social and ecological problem — and turning chefs into ambassadors for this cause — is the strategy of the Peruvian collaboration ‘Sinbasura’.


Co-developed process innovation

Sinbasura instigator Pipo Reiser knew how important restaurants are in the Peruvian culture, but he and his team could not find a certificate guaranteeing that a restaurant practises low or even zero-waste food preparation. In collaboration with the Department for Environmental Education and Citizenship, Pipo’s start-up ‘Sinba’ created its own certification: The ‘Sinbasura Zero Waste Certification’ was launched in 2018, as part of the Ministry of the Environment’s ‘Clean Peru’ programme, compiling 23 simple certification criteria that can be applied to any kind of business.


Five-star marketing and training
for the solution

Today, the ministry has a nation-wide marketing strategy in which renowned cooks of Peru’s capital, Lima, serve as ‘purpose ambassadors’ to promote Sinbasura. Meanwhile, Sinba focuses on training chefs to improve both their organic and non-organic waste management.


  • Ministry of the Environment (Peruvian government)

  • Sinba (Start-up)


Lima, Peru

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